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Get that Back-To-School Feeling With New Color

Whether preparing your house for sale, or just freshening up the place, the easiest and most affordable upgrade is changing the wall color. And … how about pulling down that dated wall paper?

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Home Staging Means Clutter Control

If you were selling your car, wouldn't you want to get top dollar and detail it a little bit before showing it to the first potential buyer? Of course you would, that's just good business. What if this room is the first thing you see when entering a property for sale? Most buyers would turn [...]

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Office Affair: Let’s Give’Em Something To Talk About

The home office is a must these days for both buyers and sellers. This tiny office was used by everyone in the household.  We were hired to redesign this eight square foot room just to see what we could could do with it.  Our other challenges?  There was a closet in the corner that the owners' [...]

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